Blue Ridge Suzuki Camp

Suggested Packing List


Temperatures in Orkney Springs are typically in the 80’s during the day and cool off at night, but please be prepared for different kinds of weather


You must provide your own sheets and towels. A list of room assignments will be emailed a few days before camp, so you know what type of beds you have in order to bring appropriate sheets.


Cash for miscellaneous purchases and tips (there are no ATM’s in Orkney Springs)

Bedding (sheets and pillowcases, blanket or sleeping bag, extra pillow)

Towels (bath and pool towels)

Instrument & Accessories (shoulder rest, rock stop, cello chair, etc.)

Suzuki and other relevant music

Extra strings

Parent notebook

Music stand (if you are taking orchestra or need one for practice)

Rain coat and umbrella

Swimsuit & goggles


Bug Spray

Extra clothes– kids can get dirty at camp!



Extra Fan



Recording device

Sports equipment (tennis rackets, balls, frisbees, etc.)

Yoga Mat for exercise classes

Board games/chess/checkers



Snacks/Drinks/Cooler (there is an ice machine)


Props/costumes for talent show

Fishing gear

Rubber boots and fishing nets

Laundry Soap (there are machines up the hill, but it is easiest not to have to do laundry at camp)

Other instruments


We strongly encourage parents to make camp an electronics-free week for their children, and to leave electronics in the car.  Many families choose to do this, as they can be a distraction from the musical and social experience of camp.

Blue Ridge Suzuki Camp 2019 Repertoire List



Book 1: All                                                                                   

Book 2: Long, Long Ago, Minuet 1, Chorus from JM, Musette, Witches Dance Gossec Gavotte

Book 3: Moon Over Ruined, Boccherini Minuet, Beethoven Minuet, Minuet 3. La Cinquantaine

Book 4: Bréval Sonata mvt. 2 (Rondo), Marcello Sonata, Bach Minuets

Book 5: Danse Rustique, Rondo from Goltermann Concerto

Book 6: Vivaldi Allegro, Breval Concerto

Book 7: Bach Bourees, Sicilienne

Book 8: Sammartini 2nd and 3rd movement,  Allegro Appassionato, Van Goens Scherzo



Book 1: All

Book 2: Long, Long Ago, A Toye, Paganini Andante, Carruli Allegretto, Waltz

Book 3: Nonesuch, Packington’s Pound, Ghirribizzo, Calliope, Celeste y Blanco

Book 4: Giuliani Allegro, Sor Etude, Lesson for Two Lutes, Bourée

Book 5: Waltz Espagnol, Maria Luisa, Sor Minuet

Book 6: Guardame las vacas, Carcassi Etude

Book 7: Cimarossa Sonata



Book 1: All

Book 2: Musette, Long Long Ago, Bourée, Witches Dance, Lully Gavotte, Boccherini Minuet

Book 3: Bach Minuet, Humoresque, Gavotte in D Major

Book 4: Seitz Concerto No. 2 mvt. 3, Vivaldi A Minor mvt. 1, Bohm Perpetual Motion

Book 5: Gavotte, Concerto in G Minor mvt. 1, Veracini Gigue

Book 6: La Folia, Fiocco Allegro

Book 7: Corelli Courante, Corelli Allegro

Book 8: Eccles Sonata mvt. 1 & 2




Book 1: All

Book 2: Musette, Long Long Ago, Bourée, Witches Dance, Lully Gavotte

Book 3: Bach Minuet, Humoresque, Gavotte by Bach

Book 4: Telemann Concerto in D Major

Book 5: Nina, Four French Dances



Piano students should come to the play-in with a polished piece to perform.  (May be from the Suzuki or traditional repertoire).




Camp registration is from 4:00 to 5:30 PM on Sunday, June 16,  followed by dinner, welcome, and a play-in for all students. Registration is on the porch of the Orkney Springs Hotel, the large four-story building on the left as you enter the camp. Classes begin Monday June 17 at 8:30 AM.  Check-in for Blue Ridge Chamber Music Institute is Sunday, June 16 between 12:00 and 12:30 PM.



Camp ends Friday, June 21 with final orchestra and group concerts beginning at 10:00 AM, followed by lunch.  Please plan to stay for the concerts, as they are an important closing to the week.  Family and friends are welcome to attend, and may purchase lunch at the hotel desk (please let the front desk know by breakfast).  The student chamber music concert is Thursday, June 20 at 4:00  PM.



Classes are scheduled between  8:30 AM and 3:30 PM.  Each student’s schedule is unique, and will include a private lesson masterclass, group repertoire class, and Musicianship class. Many students also have an elective and/or chamber music. Typically, students have a combination of morning and afternoon classes, with 1 or 2 free periods of time for practice or recreation. Parents of younger students should plan to attend classes, take notes, and practice with their child.  The schedule will also include student recitals, parent sessions, evening activities, and free time for recreation. Parents of more than one student may need to move between classes.



Please review pieces from the 2019 Repertory list- teachers will choose pieces from this list for group classes and the final concert.  (piano students will play a polished piece in group and play-in). All students should come to camp with a polished piece and a  working piece to play for their masterclass teacher. Polished means that the piece is thoroughly learned, fluent, and memorized.  A working piece is a piece they are working on refining and polishing. (Please consult your teacher).



Students may choose to play on a recital if we are given recital piece information at time of registration, or by May 15.  Solo Recitals will be held Monday at 4:00 PM and 7:00 PM, Tuesday at 4:00 PM, and Wednesday at 4:00 PM.  The student chamber music recital will be Thursday at 4:00 PM.  Piano accompaniments to pieces outside of the Suzuki repertoire must be mailed by May 15. 



The schedule of evening activities is: Monday: Student Recital/Ice Cream Social. Tuesday: Family Talent Show Wednesday: Faculty Concert Thursday: Traditional Music Concert & Square Dance followed by bonfire.



Families are housed in Maryland House, Pennsylvania House, and nearby smaller cottages.  Rooms have private baths with showers. Blankets and pillows are provided, but you should bring sheets and any extra bedding that you may want.



Meals are served buffet-style in the Hotel Dining Room.  For meals where meat is the main course a vegetarian option will be available.  There is a small store in Orkney Springs to buy snacks and drinks, but we recommend that you bring extra snacks for your family. 



Facilities include a large outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, miles of hiking trails, sand volleyball court, basketball court and recreation fields. Many people bring bikes and scooters to camp. 



There is a policy of no smoking in any of the buildings at Shrine Mont. Beer and wine are not allowed in public areas. No pets (except seeing eye dogs) are allowed.  Skateboards and rollerblades are not allowed. 



Cell phone service can be inconsistent, but there is wireless internet access in the hotel lobby.  There is a phone in the  Hotel lobby (calling card only).  Important incoming messages may be left at the Shrine Mont office at (540) 856-2141, and the staff will get you the message.



Please email Director Katherine Wiley at or call (336) 926-0406 (email is preferred). Beginning June 15, any important messages should be left at Shrine Mont.

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